Our objective is to implement and manage a medical billing outsourcing solution for you that is guaranteed to significantly maximize profits, lower operating costs, accelerate cash flow and capture more of your entitled reimbursements. MediClaim has been in business since January 1999. We are experienced in billing several various specialties. We guarantee that our medical billing solutions represent the best value in third party medical billing.

Our medical billing services encompass the management of the entire claims processing cycle. From filing all the insurance claims (primary, secondary, and tertiary) to sending patient statements. Patient billing statements direct the patient to call our 800 number to discuss their bill. This alleviates your office being over extended with patient calls. Our medical billing processes can be applied to any solo or group practice regardless of specialty or claim volume. The scalability of our product will provide you with the cost effective administrative infrastructure necessary to profitably grow your business.

We also understand that many practices have invested large amounts of time and money in their system. We are capable of utilizing the existing system to make the transition from internal billing to external a truly seamless transition.